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Property Investments as a Means of Making Money:

There are many many ways you can make money from property. There are lots of different property types that you can get involved with. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

  In the good old days property investment was exclusively for the rich and privileged: remember the The Forsyth Saga: "The Man of Property" and the woman of taste (John Galsworthy)
Today we're in a different era and almost anyone who wants to can be a property investor.
In fact investing in property early on in life can bring security and an extra income enabling you to do many of the things you might not otherwise be able to afford from a salary alone, like educating you children privately.
  • Use your own home to get started,  either by taking in one or more lodgers to raise some extra cash, or by using it as collateral to borrow for a second property.
  • Many people have accidentally got into the property investing business when they inherited a property and decided to let it out, or when they were moving with their job.
  • Once you have more than one property and you have some experience of letting - there's plenty of demand now to ensure you have all the tenants need - there's nothing to stop you getting more.
  • Holiday homes are a great way to make your second property pay its way, and you can run it as a small business - holiday homes are classed as a business for tax purposes.
  • Many people now buy homes abroad and let them out when not in use for their own purposes.
  • If you have the time, the skills and the inclination, you may consider buying run-down properties to renovate and either add to your portfolio for letting, or to sell on.
  • There are many property types you can let:
    •   Flats and apartments, which are usually leasehold properties
    •   Terraced properties, usually inexpensive to buy depending on the location and just 2 up 2 downs and usually ideal for letting.
    •   Family homes, from 2/3 bed semis to 4/5/6 bed detached properties
    •   Student homes, usually housing around 5 or 6 people - these are not licensable properties, so you need to register with your local council as a landlord.
    •   HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) of Multi-Let, which are similar to student lets - you need a license.
    •   Commercial properties, which involve more complex legal aspects and are usually more expensive to buy, but can be very good investment provided you can get and keep good business tenants.
How to Profit from Student Property by Tony Bayliss
Investing in student property is highly lucrative. Rental yields of 10% or more are common and there is strong demand in most UK cities for quality student accommodation. This brand new guide tells you everything you need to know about building a highly profitable portfolio of student properties. The author, Tony Bayliss, is one of the UK's most successful student property investors. With over 20 years experience as a landlord, and having amassed a 4 million fortune investing in student buy to let. Here he tells you how he picks the best and most profitable student properties; how he markets his properties (ensuring they are rented out months in advance), and how he enjoys capital growth of 12% pa, year in year out. 
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Information here is general only & believed to be correct, though we cannot guarantee it, nor do we accept any liability if you act or fail to act on this information. Always seek professional advice before making decisions. Investments can go down in value as well as up over  time.